Top Elite Topper (Large) 14" | 100% Human Hair | Mono-Top

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Color 1B Soft Black
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The Top Elite (Large) 14" Topper will add luxury and elegance to your look. Crafted with 100% human hair, this topper features a mono-top that allows you to style your hair in multiple ways for a secure and confident fit. The large 14" size will make sure your hair looks fuller and more luxurious than ever. Bring out your sophisticated side with the Top Elite Topper.

DENSITY: 62 Grams

SIZE: 6"x6"Base

LENGTH: Approximately 14-15”

MAKE:  Hand Crafted | 6x6"" Hand Tied Base

HAIR FIBER: 100% Human Hair

HAIR TIP: To achieve your desired parting, we recommend lightly misting the topper with water and then allowing it to air dry or using a blow dryer to set the part. Alternatively, for even greater flexibility in styling, you may apply gentle bursts of steam to the base of the topper for 3-5 seconds, which will allow you to easily part the hair in any direction you chose. 

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