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Transform your look with TN | Topper! This 10" human hair topper adds instant volume and length to your hair, while the 4 clips ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Ditch the thin and lifeless hair and step into a world of full, luxurious locks with TN | Topper.

DENSITY: 2.2 oz

SIZE: 5"x5" Base

LENGTH: Approximately 10”

MAKE:  Hand Crafted | 5"x5" Hand Tied Base

HAIR FIBER: 100% Human Hair

HAIR TIP: To achieve your desired parting, we recommend lightly misting the topper with water and then allowing it to air dry or using a blow dryer to set the part. Alternatively, for even greater flexibility in styling, you may apply gentle bursts of steam to the base of the topper for 3-5 seconds, which will allow you to easily part the hair in any direction you chose. 

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