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100% Human Remy Seamless Clip-In 22" - 130g

100% Human Remy Seamless Clip-In 22" - 130g

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Looking for a luxurious way to add some extra volume and length to your hair?  Our Seamless Clip-In extensions are the perfect solution! Made of 100% Remy human hair, these extensions can be dyed and styled just like your own hair. They are silky soft and tangle-free, so you can rest assured that your hair will be looking beautiful for days.

They come in a variety of colors and lengths, so you can
find the perfect match for your own hair color and texture. Plus, they are lightweight and easy to apply with just a few clips, making them a great choice for adding volume and length without any hassle.

With proper care and maintenance, these Remy
clip-in extensions can be used over and over again!. They’re perfect for adding a little extra oomph to your look without the commitment of permanent extensions.

Whether you're looking for a subtle boost or some extreme length, these seamless extensions are the perfect choice. They will add instant volume and length to your look with no damage to your own hair, so you can get that long and luscious look without any hassle. Shop our selection of Remy Clip-Ins and Tape-Ins today! You won't regret it!



QUANTITY: 8 Pieces

DENSITY: 130 Grams

MAKE: Seamless Clip-In


HAIR FIBER: 100% Remy Human Hair

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All sales are final.

Due to the nature of our products and sanitary concerns, refunds/returns/exchanges are not accepted. Each product is carefully inspected prior to shipping. If there are any questions about the color or anything else regarding the product, please ask before purchasing. You can do so through our Contact Us page.We will not accept returns/refunds/exchanges under ANY circumstances. It is our legal obligation to fulfill orders and facilitate exchanges exactly as our policies indicate. Therefore, we will not entertain any disputes. By placing an order, you are agreeing to the terms of this return policy.

All sales are final.

Care Instructions

Proper maintenance for your human hair product

Q: Can I dye it?

A: Yes you can, although we wouldn't
recommend it. Hair extensions/wigs/toppers, etc. are usually already processed to be a
certain color and further process will damage your item and still doesn't guarantee you'll end up with the tone you dye it.

Q: Can I wash it?

A: Absolutely! We highly recommend you
keep your product clean and sufficiently conditioned. Baby shampoo or
products that are free from parabens and sulfates are best to use as they won't
strip the moisture off the hair. Every once in a while, use a deep conditioning
mask or oils to re-hydrate the hair as these products do not produce any
natural oils to replenish the fiber. Never comb while wet.

Q: Can I curl/ straighten it?

A: Yes! Your product is
human hair and can endure heat, but just like our hair with excessive heat
comes damage. To minimize harm, use a heat protectant and heat at the lowest setting.


-Use a wide tooth comb to reduce

-When brushing, start from the bottom
and work your way to the top while holding the hair in place with your other
hand. This reduces shedding.

-Keep the hair away from any
aerosols/perfumes & pools/salty water as the harmful chemicals and
dehydrating elements in them can cause severe damage to the hair.

-Try to refrain from sleeping or
showering in your product, the harsh movements in these activities can
cause tangling.

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